Typically a unit of mass or weight, a bushel is relative to the standard measurement of a commodity—a bushel of barley may not equal a bushel of oysters. In much the same way, trying to define The Bushels as a band depends on how much weight you assign their influences: bluegrass, country, soul, rock, and jazz. 

“We get tagged as a bluegrass band due to the instruments,” says mandolin playing singer Mal Jones, “but we’re really an acoustic rock band with lots of dynamics…and that lets us go into different areas.”

In 2010, the group released Wood & Steel—a seven-song studio collaboration between Jones, brothers Jim (guitar) and Whitt Algar (double bass), and banjoist Guilds Hollowell. It was the follow-up to their 2009 EP, Blacktree, which includes “Sweet T.” A hard-charging, Appalachian-style number, it's a favorite of the guys that own Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka...they use it as a theme song. 

In March 2013 the band released it’s 3rd record,….self-titled, THE BUSHELS.  Recorded at Mantis Studios over the course of the winter of 2012 the sound is a natural evolvement from their past recordings. “We’ve added lots of musical color to this record; drums, piano, organ, pedal steel, violin and some great backing vocals. There are some new tunes and some older tunes reworked for this bigger band. All of those influences are in the mix.